Workforce Strategies for Managers: Improve Knowledge Retention

August 09 -

Even when a utility has a high retention rate, there will always be some staff turnover. During this webinar, you will work on ways an organization can improve knowledge retention. You will also assess knowledge retention vulnerabilities and brainstorm knowledge retention strategies. With respect to knowledge transfer, the instructor will help all participants differentiate between knowledge transfer to specific individuals vs. retaining knowledge generally for the benefit of the organization, with suggestions for both channels. You will also work on ways to engage employees in knowledge retention initiatives.

The Workforce Strategies for Managers series will help utility managers think about their key resource—the workforce—and develop skills to attract, develop, and retain employees. The series will involve discussion of workforce strategies and help managers develop their teams, with a focus on emerging workforce challenges and opportunities. The series is designed to help managers plan and develop their direct reports to ensure their utility has the right people, in the right spots, at the right time.

Knowledge Management
Employee Engagement
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