Engineering and Operations Work Order Webinar Series: Rate Impact of Maintenance and Capitalized Work

October 24 -

For your ratepayers/consumers/members, price/cost and reliability are most important. Therefore, keeping rates as low as possible is the desired outcome of attending this final session of the Understanding the Work Order System Series. You will look at how much it costs to provide reliable power, and discuss the impact of decisions, such as completing a timesheet and using materials, on the overall cost of providing service. Given the decisions you make day in and day out, how much of an impact do you have on the cost? This session is a great finale for every employee of the utility.


(Note that the Understanding the Work Order System Series is comprised of eight webinars from March through October 2023. Webinars can be taken individually or as an entire series; by registering for the full series, you will receive all eight webinars at a discounted price.)

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Utilities: $120 - $240

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